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Kirkmaiden Community Council

Serving the communities of the Mull of Galloway, Drummore and Port Logan.

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In 2013 Marine Scotland undertook a consultation exercise about developing off-shore wind wave and tidal energy in Scottish waters. The plan showed the entrance to Luce Bay with wind and/or tidal power. It was reported, summer 2014, that the crown estates has leased the sea bed just south of the Mull to Marine Current Turbines (MCT) for tidal development. This lease was passed to Seimens (see map below) and now to the multi-national company Atlantis. The lease was awarded to investigate the viability of developing the seabed off the coast of the Mull of Galloway. The Mull of Galloway is one of six ‘demonstration sites’ around Scotland. Atlantis has a project between the north coast of Scotland and the Isle of Stroma. Marine Scotland will undertake the usual public consultation when a company decides it is worth pursuing. Contact has already been made with the company to see what they have in store for the Mull in the near future.

Despite the responses, to the various consultations, from the public the map below is almost identical to the one published by Marine Scotland in 2010. This is the final plan. However, it does not mean that the entire area will be developed. Companies awarded a lease may find the environmental and economic costs are too great.

Renewable Energy

Kite Power Generation Experiments at West Freugh

Kite Power Solutions (KPS), of Bradwell on Crouch, Essex, have come to an agreement with the MoD to carry out testing of their Kite Power technology at West Freugh. This will consist of constantly raising and lowering kites of 70 square metres up to a height of 500 metres. KPS say that their ultimate plan is to have scores of kites flying in formation, all automatically controlled using custom made software. KPS has tested the system on a small scale in Burnham on Crouch, Essex but now intends to enlarge it’s operation in Scotland at West Freugh. Testing will start soon at West Freugh with full operations due to start in 2017.

Wind, Wave and Tidal Energy