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South West Environmental Information Centre

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Findings of major review into Scottish biological recording published

Today sees the publication of the recommendations from a major review of biological recording in Scotland carried out by the Scottish Biodiversity Information Forum (SBIF). The report, entitled A Review of the Biological Recording Infrastructure in Scotland, puts forward the case for how data flows, services, governance and funding of biological recording across Scotland can be transformed for the benefit of our biodiversity and ecosystems. It is the result of six years of discussion and consultation with data providers, data managers and data users from all sectors. The recommendations will be considered by Scottish Government, and if adopted will lead to significant changes in how the biodiversity data network functions at local, regional and national levels. Consequently, the Review is one of the most significant documents published relating to wildlife recording for many years.

We strongly recommend that anyone with an interest in wildlife recording takes a close look at the publication, or at least the Review's summary findings.

A copy of the full report and further information about the Review is accessible from the National Biodiversity Network website:

SBIF review web pages

Download the Executive summary and recommendations

Download the full report: A Review of the Biological Recording Infrastructure in Scotland

If you require further information about the SBIF Review or have comments about the recommendations, please contact Rachel Tierney, SBIF Development Officer.