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Kirkmaiden Community Council

Serving the communities of the Mull of Galloway, Drummore and Port Logan.

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Kirkmaiden is a parish situated at the southern most part of the South Rhins of Galloway. Kirkmaiden Community Council (KCC) is the official body established as an intermediary between the Local Authority (D&G Council) and the local community. Access to the KCC is via meetings held monthly both in Drummore and Port Logan (some summer sessions only) where all members of the community are welcome both to hear news and updates as well share their views on matters relating to the area. To contact the KCC click the ‘contact us’ tab above or contact specific members by phone (see the ‘Community Council’ tab).

The council is made up of up to 9 elected volunteer members all living in Kirkmaiden with councillors from Dumfries and Galloway Council attending on a rota basis. The Police Service also often send a representative. All meetings of the Kirkmaiden Community Council are open to the public. See ‘Community Council’ tab for details of the council members, meeting schedule, recent draft minutes and venue. All meetings start at 7.30pm.

Kirkmaiden Community Council serves the area from the Mull of Galloway to the Southern boundary of Ardwell and from the east to west coast. Within this area are the villages of Drummore and Port Logan, the Mull of Galloway and the surrounding rural area.

A Bit about the Rhins

The Rhins of Galloway (sometimes spelt Rhinns and in Scottish Gaelic - Na Rannaibh) is a hammer-head penninsular in Dumfries and Galloway south West Scotland. "Rhinns" is defined as meaning a point or promontory.

Kirkmaiden is bounded on its west coast by the North Channel and Luce Bay in the east. As a result the land is heavily influenced by the seas. The coastal landscape varies; with the western coast generally having steep rugged cliffs and occasional inlets, which contrasts with the calmer eastern coast, with its sandy beaches and softer landscape. Much of the west coast of the south Rhins is classified a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and the South Rhins as a whole is designated a Regional Scenic Area rich in wild flowers and wild life. The northern coast of Luce Bay is classified a Special Area of Conservation (SAC). The Mull of Galloway is a RSPB nature reserve with Razorbills, Guillemots and Puffins are just three of the bird species that nest on the steep cliffs. Kirkmaiden, therefore, is a paradise for naturalists.

Being sited on the west coast of Scotland the area receives a relatively high rainfall and the ‘Gulf Stream’ produces a mild climate. The South Rhins is also blessed with more hours of sunshine than the English midlands or northern France (1500hrs per year). Both the rainfall and mild climate are suited to dairy and beef farming and the proximity of the seas results in a significant effect of the North Atlantic Drift. This ensures that the land is cooled in the summer (humidity is lower and thunderstorms are rare) and warmed in the winter, producing a stabilising effect on the temperatures. Severe frosts are therefore minimised and this allows the area to play host to numerous tropical palms and flora which otherwise could not exist this far north.

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